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BigArrowRHBigArrowRHWHY USE US? BigArrowRHSMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) - especially manufacturers

If you're an SME manufacturer, do you recognise any of the following issues:

If you optimise and address any of these issues, you'll (as if we need to tell you):

We understand that as an SME (just like us), any spending needs to be assessed for how much and how long the return on investment will be.  In other words you'll want to have a marked increase in performance and understand precisely the value of the services we're offering. We'll try and asses how much money we can save you on your current or new products - we place value at the top for 'why use us'.


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We help you achieve better performance on current and new products or manufacturing processes by combining the knowledge of our core CAD, CAE, Engineering Design and Product Design services. We see these services as inseparable, ultimately you only get a great and competitive product if you understand the engineering design, optimised via CAE with the use of CAD. It doesn't matter where you are in either the product design or product life cycle, we can add value to your companies products especially via the use of CAE, see our case study.