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As an entrepreneur, you'll be ineterested in using a design house that understands and can deliver:

Many of these points also apply to SMEs and multi-nationals, but it's even more important for entrepreneurs since capital backing is tighther and money must be placed where it will produce the best results. To realise a new product entrepreneurs have to realise that they will need financial backing to see a product to market.


The most money is spent delivering the manufacturing solution. The manufacturing cost is implied at the design phase, so costs can be calculated at at an early stage to the approval of our customers. Proof of market and concept prototypes may be developed iniatially to see whether a ROI can be produced from the product.


Realising your product design should ultimately be a good experience. We communicate and give impartial advice as issues arrise giving the customer visibility and choice/decision about which direction to continue with. This lowers the entreprenuers risk and delivers a better customer service.