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As a multi-national company, you'll be interested in turnkey solutions to:

As long as we can help reduce your overall costs by making your products and processes leaner, then we're adding value. Since we're an SME, we're very flexible and can fit around your design department requirements and way of working.


We have the upmost respect for IPR (Intellectal Property Rights) such as patents, trademarks and copyright. We're very happy to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreement) at your request. All data relative to the project will be transfered and any sensistive data can be destroyed afterwards.


We used to working with international teams of design and manufacturing engineers, so we're happy to manage time differentials and cultural differences with working practices. Whatever work you choose for us to complete, we'll project manage it as effectively as possible wihtin the constraints and culture of your organisation. Afterall, the goal of using sub-contractors is to reduce costs, reduce lead times, increase quality and reduce hassle to get a project to its completion.