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BigRHArrowBigRHArrowComputer Aided Engineering (CAE)  BigRHArrowFinite Element Analysis (FEA) Integration

FEA is an enourmously powerful and flexible tool, it may be used right at the start of the product design process (always advisable) or at any time during the product life cycle, but the simulation/analysis needs to be well understood in the context that it is being used so that the most useful results can be gained and implemented. The classic approach to using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is to seek help once issues with a part's performance or design have been identified. I.e the part in question is in production and not performing as expected, hence more information is required so that a beter understanding of the part's issues may be gained. I.e Why is it breaking?(!)


We like to do things the other way around, integrate FEA into the design process at the start, so that all the information, knowledge and benefits (as stated below) are given to the design, yielding a superior product with reduced costs (especially during manufacture), superior performance and durablity (longevity). There's nothing worse than problems occuring at the end of the design process or at any stage of manufacturing/life cylce. The costs rise exponentially, time scales are delayed and market capitilisation is lost.


Since we like to use a pragamtic approach to FEA (even though there are times when we can't be pragmatic and need to add complexity to the virtual model), our costs are very reasoanble and we like to use FEA as a value added extra to customers wishing to use our product design services. I.e We will incorporate/integrate FEA into the product design process when it is required. Obviously, we would like to support your requirement no matter how you would like to use our services.


SmallLHArrow How to use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) SmallRHArrow

FEA may be used for the following key issues;