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BigRHArrowBigRHArrowProduct Design  BigRHArrowThe Design Process Flowchart Explained


1). The customer requirement is worked through by any means possible - sketches, drawings, models etc. The more specific and descriptive a customer be, then the faster the project progresses, lowering costs.


2). Concepts are developed which solve the problem. A PDS (Product Design Specifcation) is also delveloped which captures the design intent. Preliminary costing is also worked out, since it defines the cost of the whole project.


3). The concepts are refined and developed by 3D modelling which may undergo numerous design loops until the final design is arrived at, to the satisfaction of the customer.


4). Analysis is integrated as standard into 3D modelling to make sure the product is 'fit for purpose' and meets the PDS/design intent.


5). Protypes may be required in an appropriate medium and technolgy, from wood to SLA, SLS, or CNC'ed parts. This will assess the performance of the design against the PDS.


6). It's obviously in everyone's benefit to reduce the number of design loops to achieve the product deisgn specification. When the final design is arrived at, we call this 'Design Freeze'.


7). Once Design Freeze is achieved, design of any necessary tooling is commenced and completed.


8). Tooling costs are always large, hence before manufacturing tooling begins everything is checked.


9). Production and shipping will now commence according to the customers orders.


10). Aisis may also help out with promotion and marketing by supplying web and graphic content. From complete web sites, 3D visulisations, branding and logos. This can be done in parrallel with the rest of the project.